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Welcome to the Rutgers SPAA Portal

Sponsored by the Rutgers-Newark School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA), this is a free, publically accessible online database. In joining, you will initially have access to over 1,000 cases and simulations and related multi-media and fictionalized cases – resources that highlight the advances, innovations, challenges, and trends in the public and nonprofit sectors. This digitized network brings together a broad array of teaching and learning resources in public and nonprofit administration, and each is directly available in full-text format through our portal. This database will be continually updated and will reflect the most current perspectives on real-time issues affecting the public and nonprofit sectors throughout the globe. This new resource has been created for public and nonprofit service teachers, students, administrators, volunteers, elected officials, citizens, and researchers.

Registration is a free and simple process. Once registered, you are welcome to access all of the resources available through the Rutgers-Newark SPAA Portal. The resources posted in the portal are organized through the use of fourteen (14) key topic areas, as well as type of resource. In addition, you can post comments and/or suggestions pertaining to each resource. Our goal is to make this portal not only accessible, but interactive, reflecting the needs of all of us who serve in the public and nonprofit sectors.

Marc Holzer, PhD

Dean, Rutgers-Newark School of Public Affairs and Administration


Call for Case Studies

SPAA is calling for case studies to advance the classroom learning experience of students pursuing public and nonprofit management studies. Proposals are now being accepted.
Case Proposal Guidelines


Suggestions for Public Domain Sources

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