CEBPA – Publications

Below are some of the most recent publications of CEBPA members.


James, O., Jilke, S. & G. Van Ryzin (forthcoming): 'Behavioural and Experimental Public Administration: Emerging Contributions and New Directions'. Public Administration, in press.

Jilke, S. (forthcoming). 'Citizen Satisfaction Under Changing Political Leadership: The Role of Partisan Motivated Reasoning'. Governance, in press.

Kroll, A. and G.A. Porumbescu. (forthcoming). 'When Extrinsic Rewards Become “Sour Grapes”: An Experimental Study of Adjustments in Intrinsic and Prosocial Motivation', Review of Public Personnel Administration, online first.

Porumbescu, G., Bellé N , Cucciniello M and Nasi G. (forthcoming). 'Translating policy transparency into policy understanding and policy support: Evidence from a survey experiment'. Public Administration, online first.

Porumbescu, G. and S.G. Grimmelikhuijsen. (forthcoming). 'Linking decision-making procedures to decision acceptance and citizen voice: Evidence from two studies'. American Review of Public Administration, in press.

Porumbescu, G., Lindeman, M., Ceka, E. and Cucciniello, M. (forthcoming). 'Can Transparency Foster More Understanding and Compliant Citizens?' Public Administration Review, online first.



Grimmelikhuijsen, S. & G. Porumbescu (2017): 'Reconsidering the expectancy disconfirmation model: Three experimental replications'. Public Management Review, 19(9): 1272-1292.

Grimmelikhuijsen, S., Jilke, S., Olsen A. & L. Tummers (2017): 'Behavioral Public Administration: Combining Insights from Public Administration and Psychology'. Public Administration Review, 77(1): 45-56.

Grosso, A., Charbonneau, E. & G. Van Ryzin (2017).  'How Citizens Respond to Outputs, Outcomes, and Costs: A Survey Experiment About an HIV/AIDS Program'. International Public Management Journal, 20(1): 160-181.

James, O., Jilke, S. & G. Van Ryzin (eds.) (2017): Experiments In Public Management Research: Challenges and Contributions. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

James, O. & G. Van Ryzin (2015): 'Incredibly Good Performance: An Experimental Study of Source and Level Effects on the Credibility of Government'. American Review of Public Administration, 47(1): 23-35.

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Porumbescu, G. (2017). Linking Transparency, Trust in government, and Voice. American Review of Public Administration, 47(5): 520-537.

Van Ryzin, G., Riccucci, N. & H. Li (2017): 'Representative bureaucracy and its symbolic effect on citizens: a conceptual replication'. Public Management Review, 19(9): 1365-1379.


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James, O., Jilke, S., Petersen, S. & S. Van de Walle (2016): 'Citizens’ Blame of Politicians for Public Service Failure: Experimental Evidence about Blame Reduction through Delegation and Contracting'. Public Administration Review, 76(1): 83-93.

James, O., & Van Ryzin, G. G. (2016). 'Motivated reasoning about public performance: An experimental study of how citizens judge the Affordable Care Act'. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory27(1), 197-209.

Jilke, S., Van Ryzin, G. & S. Van de Walle (2016): 'Responses to Decline in Marketized Public Services: An Experimental Evaluation of Choice-Overload'. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 26(3): 421-432.

Jilke, S. (2016): 'Job satisfaction and regime change: Evidence from a natural experiment'. International Public Management Journal, 19(3): 370-396.

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Porumbescu, G. (2016). 'Comparing the effects of e-government and social media use on trust in government: Evidence from Seoul, South Korea'. Public Management Review. 18(9): 1308 - 1334.

Porumbescu, G. (2016) Placing the effect: Gleaning insights in to the relationship between citizens’ use of e-government and trust in government. Public Management Review, 18(10): 1504-1535.

Riccucci, N., Van Ryzin, G. & H. Li (2016): 'Representative Bureaucracy and the Willingness to Coproduce: An Experimental Study'. Public Administration Review, 76(1): 121-130.

Tummers, L., Olsen, A., Jilke, S. & S. Grimmelikhuijsen (2016): 'Introduction to the Virtual Issue on Behavioral Public Administration'. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 1-3.

Van Ryzin, G. (2016): 'Evidence of an 'End of History Illusion' in the Work Motivations of Public Service Professionals'. Public Administration, 94(1): 263-275.


Charbonneau, E. & G. Van Ryzin (2015): 'Benchmarks and Citizen Judgments of Local Government Performance: Findings from a survey experiment'. Public Management Review, 17(2): 288-304.

Jilke, S. (2015): 'Choice and equality: Are vulnerable citizens worse-off after liberalization reforms?'. Public Administration 93(1): 68-85.

Jilke, S., Meuleman, B. & S. Van de Walle (2015): 'We need to compare, but how? Measurement equivalence in comparative public administration'. Public Administration Review 75(1): 36-48. 

Van Ryzin, G. (2015): 'Service Quality, Administrative Process, and Citizens’ Evaluation of Local Government in the US'. Public Management Review, 17(3): 425-442.

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