CRS – Charity Research Studio

The Charity Research Studio (CRS) is the research group of Professor Quintus Jett. Its mission is to make contributions to academic research on charitable organizations, and to share and propagate this research to arenas of education and impact. Activities include: academic publishing on subjects of philanthropy, nonprofit management, social enterprises, and the operating performance of public services; exploratory studies of charity arising from diverse traditions and cultures; and creative educational delivery of these topics through video and online platforms to the public-at-large.

The Studio began in 2012 through a founding grant to investigate issues of charitable governance and effectiveness in China, a nation where significant economic growth and wealth creation – as well as legal reforms - have fostered emerging options and opportunities for private philanthropy.

  • Director
    Quintus Jett, Assistant Professor, School of Public Affairs & Administration (SPAA) and The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED)
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