National Center for Public Performance (NCPP)

The National Center for Public Performance (NCPP) at Rutgers University-Newark is a research and public service organization devoted to improving productivity in the public sector. Founded in 1975, NCPP serves as a vehicle for the study, dissemination and recognition of performance measurement initiatives in government.

In addition, NCPP specializes in research and teaching in the engagement of citizens and, through the generous support of The Sloan Foundation, has been able to undertake research and teaching in citizen-driven government performance, develop curricular resources and deliver online training for public managers.

Networks & Institutes

The Public Performance Measurement and Reporting Network (PPMRN) is a web-based community that connects citizens, government officials, public and nonprofit managers, and academics who are dedicated to measuring, reporting, and improving public sector and nonprofit performance. Free membership provides access to a comprehensive database of resources including articles, reports, performance measures, books, manuals, websites, and training opportunities.

The E-Governance Institute explores how the internet and other information and communication technologies (ICTs) have and will continue to impact productivity and performance on the public sector and how e-governance fosters new and deeper citizen involvement within the governing process.

Annual Conference

The Public Performance Measurement and Reporting Conference (PPMR Conference) is an annual conference held by NCPP. The overarching goal of the conference is to examine and discuss public performance management research and models for the adoption and implementation of compelling practices.

Professional Certificates

The Strategic Performance Management in the Public Sector Certificate (SPM) is designed for individuals in public and nonprofit organizations (both leading executives and frontline employees) and citizens interested in the functions of public sector performance measurement. This professional development program covers four core areas that will give students a well-rounded understanding of performance measurement and management as well as the practical skills necessary to implement such a system in their own organization.

The National Center for Public Performance (NCPP) at Rutgers University-Newark:

  • Executive Director
    Marc Holzer, PhD
    Founding Dean & Board of Governors Distinguished Professor of Public Affairs and Administration
    School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers University-Newark
  • Managing Director
    Andrew Ballard
    School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers University-Newark
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