SPAA and ASPA Launch the Public Administration Gateway

Rutgers University-Newark and ASPA Launch a New Portal for Access to 1000s of Core Resources in Public Affairs, Public Policy, and Public Administration

The field of public affairs and administration has surprisingly rich information resources, but these print, electronic, and multi-media “gems” are often invisible to practitioners, students, and even academics.

The Public Administration Gateway, an initiative of the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) at Rutgers University-Newark and the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), is being launched as a comprehensive and accessible portal to the core resources in the field.

These resources, many of which can be accessed at no charge, should enable public managers to deliver services to citizens as promised; students to find and build successful careers; and academics to utilize expanded sets of quantitative and qualitative data in their research.

Marc Holzer, PhD
Founding Dean and Board of Governors Distinguished Professor
School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA), Rutgers University-Newark
Past-President, ASPA

Allan Rosenbaum, PhD
President, ASPA
Professor, Department of Public Administration
Director, Center for Democracy and Governance
Florida International University


Portal pathways include:

  • User Guides, Keywords & Search Terms
    Use the PA Gateway efficiently and comprehensively
  • Books (Publishers) & Handbooks
    Access 200 publishers and 100s of handbooks
  • Statistical Data / Polls
    Explore 50+ research databases
  • Journals & Articles
    Utilize 300+ links to journals; journal rankings
  • Government Publications
    Find government reports, documents, indexes and databases
  • Case Studies
    Access 1200+ free cases and simulations
  • Organizations, Schools & Directories
    Link to 500+ public affairs / admin / policy schools; research orgs. / nonprofits
  • Writing
    Find writing resources and publishing tips
  • History, Archives & Special Collections
    Explore 1000s of archives and special collections
  • Dissertations / Theses
    Access database to dissertations and theses
  • Encyclopedias / Dictionaries
    Link to 70+ encyclopedias and 100+ dictionaries
  • Indexes & Abstracts
    Access 36 indexing and abstracting services in the field
  • Grants
    Find federal, state and foundation funding opportunities
  • Working Papers & “Grey” Literature
    Locate hundreds of working papers and “grey” literature
  • Portals
    Use 150 portals and library guides to the field
  • International Resources
    Reach 20+ international portals to resources in the field
  • Teaching Resources
    Enhance teaching through 2000+ resource links to classroom resources
  • Career Information
    Utilize 50+ career centers and job boards; for academics and practitioners
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