Public Administration: An Introduction

 Public Administration: An Introduction (2nd Edition)
Marc Holzer and Richard W. Schwester
Routledge, 2015

Both comprehensive and cutting edge, Public Administration: An Introduction is a fresh and highly engaging textbook for the introductory course in Public Administration. It covers all the basic topics in detail, and also reflects new realities in public administration – innovations in e-government; the importance of new technology; changes in intergovernmental relations, especially the emphasis on interlocal and shared regional resources; and public performance and accountability initiatives. The text is designed to appeal to students. Each of the 14 chapters is generously illustrated with cartoons, quotes, and artwork – all reinforcing the theme that the field of PA is rooted in the cultural and political world. Each chapter is also supported with a listing of key terms, exercises, and additional resources. An online Instructor's Manual with a test bank; additional cases, exercises, and teaching resources; and links to videos are available to adopters.

Available from: Routledge

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