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SPAA faculty serve as editors and on key editorial boards on top journals:

  • Public Performance & Management Review (PPMR) is a leading peer-reviewed academic journal that addresses a broad array of influential factors on the performance of public and nonprofit organizations. Its objectives are to facilitate the development of innovative techniques and to encourage a wider application of those already established; stimulate research and critical thinking about the relationship between public and private management theories; present integrated analyses of theories, concepts, strategies, and techniques dealing with performance, measurement, and related questions of organizational efficacy; and provide a forum for practitioner-academic exchange.
  • American Review of Public Administration (ARPA) is one of the elite scholarly peer-reviewed journals in public administration and public affairs. ARPA focuses on public administration broadly defined, encompassing organization and management studies, leadership, performance measurement and management systems, budgeting and financial management, network governance, and nonprofit management, among other topics.
  • Journal of Public Management and Social Policy (JPMSP) publishes theoretical, applied, and/or discussion papers on public administration, political science, and public policy issues associated with the process of economic, educational, environmental, political and social well-being of diverse populations. The journal aims to provide a forum for scholarly research addressing diverse issues. Manuscripts are welcome in four areas of research: politics, economics, equity, and the environment. JPMSP also accepts book reviews and case studies designed to bring literature to the attention of a wider readership.
  • Public Voices is a unique journal that focuses on historical, artistic and reflective expression concerning public administrators and the public service. Unlike traditional social science journals, Public Voices publishes unorthodox, controversial perspectives on bureaucracy in particular and the public sector in general. The material is not limited to analytical articles but also includes original fiction, poetry, photographs, art, critiques of existing works, and insights based on experience, observation and research.
  • Chinese Public Administration Review (CPAR) is the first international journal specifically addressing the issues of Chinese, East Asian, and comparative public administration. CPAR is the official journal of the Section on Chinese Public Administration (SCPA) of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA). Published by the School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers University-Newark, CPAR is a peer reviewed journal with a very strong international editorial team. CPAR is the first international journal specifically addressing the issues of Chinese public administration, riding on the rise of China, Asia and increasing global interconnectedness. CPAR is now expanding its focus beyond China, to embrace Asia and the whole Pan-Pacific region.
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