Writing and Career Development Center – Guidelines

We are here to help students effectively express themselves through their writing in order to prepare for fulfilling careers in public service.  Good writing includes the ability to organize thoughts and use words to convey information in interesting ways that readers can understand and discuss.

These procedures are designed to ensure that we can serve all students effectively and efficiently.
Due to increased demand for services, coaching sessions will prioritize preparation and evaluation of career materials. All other requests will be addressed if time is available.


  • Coaching is available by appointment only.  Email writenow@andromeda.rutgers.edu to make an appointment.
  • Coaching sessions are 30-40 minutes.  After a session, students may work independently at a workstation.
  • Students may only schedule one session per day and two per calendar week.
  • If a student is more than 15 minutes late, the appointment will be cancelled.
  • Students need to give 24-hour notice to cancel appointments. Two violations in a semester will lead to suspension of writing center privileges.
  • Students may schedule appointments up to a week in advance.

Coaching Sessions

  • Students should bring all relevant assignment materials to coaching sessions.
  • Coaching sessions address the higher concerns of a paper before addressing grammar and syntax
  • Answering the question, thesis/primary argument, structure and organization precede syntax, grammar and citations.
  • Students are expected to do their own spell-checking.
  • Coaches will not predict grades.
  • Coaches do not proofread.
  • Coaches will not rewrite a student’s work.

Duration and Intensity of Services

  • Writing center coaching is intended to be short-term and non-intensive.
  • Coaches are not editors. Students who need intensive services such as editing a manuscript will be referred to a private editor. (The writing center maintains a list of pre-screened editors. Editors’ fees will be paid directly by the student at a fair market rate.)

Tracking Progress

  • Coaches will keep a log of the student’s progress.
  • Students should inform their professors that they are receiving assistance at the writing center.
  • Feedback forms will be provided for the student and the professor to evaluate and improve the center.


  • Students may work on computers for up to 60 minutes. The time may be extended if there is no line for their use.
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