BA/MPA or BS/MPA – Curriculum

Once accepted into the 42-credit MPA degree program, students take 15 credits of graduate MPA courses during their senior undergraduate year. Graduate courses available to accepted undergraduates include:

  • 20:834:501 Introduction to Public Administration (3 credits)
  • 20:834:515 Administrative Ethics (3 credits)
  • 20:834:521 Technology and Public Administration (3 credits)
  • 20:834:522 Managing Public Organizations (3 credits)
  • 20:834:523 Human Resources Administration (3 credits)
  • 20:834:541 Economic Issues and Public Administration (3 credits)

These graduate courses may be taken during the fall and spring semester of a student’s senior year. MPA courses taken as an undergraduate are charged at the undergraduate tuition rate and are double-counted for undergraduate and graduate credits. If a student takes graduate courses during the summer and/or winter sessions, she/he will be charged the graduate level tuition rate.

After receiving her/his undergraduate degree, a student continues with the MPA degree, taking MPA courses until completing the required 42 credit hours for the MPA degree. Post BA/BS degree credits carry the graduate tuition rate.

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