Clayton Walton, MA

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice
Executive Director, Globally Engaged Experiential Learning


MA: Education in Counseling and College Student Personnel Services, University of Maryland College Park
BA: Sociology, Social Work, Secondary Education, St. John's University


Mr. Walton joined Rutgers-Newark in 2005 as assistant dean of the office of student life and over the past decade has had significant impact, shaping trajectory and fundamental mission of multiple co-curricular initiatives. He established a new direction for the Paul Robeson campus center, overhauling programming, advisement, and student development philosophy. Together with colleagues, Dr. Toby Jenkins and Nikita Pandit MPA, Clayton began to conceptualize and formalize what has become a cornerstone of his own educational philosophy, building the foundation for the award-winning Experiential Learning and Global Leadership Initiatives.

During his undergraduate career, Clayton gained formative exposure to the impact of experiential learning at St. John’s University as a scholar athlete, university employee and student leader. He then joined the student life team at University of Maryland as a graduate advisor for historically African American and Latino fraternities, providing pivotal support to one of the largest active Greek programs in the nation. At U of M, he also served as assistant director of Student Involvement and Leadership, program director for the university’s cross-cultural initiative, and housefather for Sigma Nu fraternity. During this time, he joined a nine-country semester at sea program as a staff member, where he really began to explore the transformational nature of experiential learning.

Clayton is a pioneer in the field of experiential learning who brings together new ideas, research-based best practice, and emerging paradigms to create co-curricular programs that supports student development in an increasingly complex global economy. Currently, he is exploring new opportunities to expand the scope of his community engaged learning work so that he can encourage and inspire students on their journey of self-discovery, empowering them to become competitive professionals, committed alumni, and socially aware change agents.

Clayton received his BA from St. John’s in Sociology and Secondary Education and earned a MEd from the University of Maryland in Counseling and College Student Personnel Services. He currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and four sons and is recipient of numerous awards for his experiential learning initiatives, including the 2015 RU-N Chancellor Nancy Cantor Seed Grant Program for Experiential and Global Leadership, the 2014 Champion of Sustainability Award from the American College Personnel Association, the NASPAA Social Equity Award from the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration, the 2011 Excellence Award Bronze Honors from the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, and the 2011 Rutgers University-Newark Community Engagement Award for teaching and learning. 

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