CPM – FAQs for Government Employees

What are some of the benefits of completing the Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program?

  • You will network with other public employees and learn what works, or does not, from managers in other agencies and departments.  
  • Many government agencies look at individuals that have completed the CPM Program very favorably when considering them for employment and promotion.
  • You can become a member of a network of public leaders and managers in the American Academy of Certified Public Managers (AACPM).
  • You can apply up to 15 undergraduate credits or 9 graduate credits toward a degree at Rutgers University and possibly at other institutions of higher learning.

Is having a Bachelors Degree a pre-requisite to enter the CPM Program?
No, participants are not required to have a Bachelors degree to apply.

How often is the New Jersey CPM Program offered?
The New Jersey CPM Program is offered on a rolling admissions basis (applications can be submitted at any time). When there are a sufficient number of accepted applicants for a new cohort, the CPM Program Director will contact each accepted applicant about the schedule for the new cohort.

Where are classes held?
Schedules & Locations are posted on the CPM website. New locations can be added depending on interest.

Will I be with the same students for the duration of the New Jersey CPM Program?
Yes. After you are accepted into the CPM Program, you will be placed in a cohort model, where all the students will attend all classes together.

Can I change cohorts and location once I start the program?
Participants are expected to stay with their cohorts for the duration of the program, however students can move to another cohort if necessary.

Can some of the coursework be completed online?
All participants are required to physically come to class. This has been the preferred method of instruction of students who have been in the CPM Program. No courses will be offered online, however online technology will be utilized to complete some assignments.

What happens if I cannot attend a class?
No more than 3 unexcused days of classes can be missed in one cohort. The State Contract Manager will be notified when any student has exceeded the absence limits. When a student has more than 3 unexcused absences, he or she has the following options:

  • Make up the course and assignments with another cohort and graduate later. Students have 3 years to complete the CPM program.
  • Make up the course on an alternate location, provided there is room in the class.
  • Complete the optional assignment “FEMA Introduction to Emergency Management” which can be found in Course 20 on Blackboard. This online certificate will count toward one missed class.
  • For an assignment, a participant can negotiate a new due date with the Cohort Advisor and the relevant faculty, but that due date must be met.

SPAA will allow excused absences for work related requirements, family emergencies, and illness with a doctor’s note. Absence request forms must be submitted to the Director for approval. Students are expected to complete assignments for any missed classes.

What methodologies will be utilized in the delivery of the program?
Courses are highly interactive and include case studies, presentations, papers, projects, self-assessments and reviews of current literature that relate directly to workplace issues and will positively impact the participant's capabilities in their work setting.

Will there be a Final Examination?
There are three (3) multiple-choice tests taken over the course of the ten (10) months. The tests will be taken online.

What is the Work-Related Project?
Each participant will select a project with his/her Supervisor that will benefit their organization. The participant will apply CPM concepts, skills, and learning while working on the project throughout the nine months of the program. Examples of successful capstone projects will be available on line.

If my supervisor changes during my participation in the CPM Program, what should I do?
We assume that your previous supervisor has given approval on behalf of your agency. However, you will want to discuss your participation in the CPM Program and your Work Related Project with your new supervisor.

What happens if I change jobs in the same government agency or a new government agency?
You will need to discuss your participation with your new employer and determine how best to complete your Work Related Project.

If I complete all the courses, but not the project by the due date, can I still participate in the graduation ceremony?
No, all coursework, including the Work Related Project, must be completed in order to graduate from the CPM Program.

Will I get a Certificate at the conclusion of the program?
After a participant successfully completes all coursework and requirements, they will receive a Certificate recognizing their CPM designation during the graduation ceremony. Participants can request a transcript from Rutgers University, once all of the modules have been completed. Participants are also eligible for 30.2 Continuing Education Units (CEU).

After completing the New Jersey CPM program, do I have to enroll at Rutgers University in order to complete an academic degree program?
Participants are not required to enroll in or complete an academic degree program at Rutgers University; however, they can contact Jane Sharp, Director of the Certified Public Manager Program, at cpmspaa@andromeda.rutgers.edu or 973-353-3979 for more information regarding receiving college credits at Rutgers University for completing the New Jersey CPM Program.

How do I apply to the New Jersey CPM Program?
All candidates for the New Jersey CPM Program must apply directly to the State of New Jersey's Civil Service Commission (CSC).

Download the appropriate application materials, fill out completely, and mail a hardcopy to:

State of New Jersey Civil Service Commission
Division of Administration and Training
44 South Cinton Avenue
PO Box 318
Trenton, NJ 08625

How much does the New Jersey CPM Program cost?
The cost includes all materials required for the program and is $3,700 per participant.

What is the deadline to receive complete payment?
Payment arrangements must be finalized before classes start. Please contact Melissa Rivera, Associate Dean of Finance, Technology & Administration at Rutgers SPAA, at melar@rutgers.edu or 973-353-5190 for more information.

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