Rutgers University-Newark Debate Team wins 2nd place at Texas Open


The debate team traveled to the University of Texas-Austin on February 5-9, 2016 for its last major national tournament before the national championships at the end of March. The team of Nicole Nave and Devane Murphy won six of their eight preliminary debates and were ranked 8th prior to the elimination debates. Devane was awarded the 19th place speaker award and Nicole was awarded the 12th place speaker award. This is a huge accomplishment because there were 248 individual speakers from across the nation represented at the tournament.

Nicole and Devane made it all the way to the final round beating schools from the University of Texas, University of Missouri- Kanas City, Michigan State University, and Emory University along the way. Rutgers University-Newark lost on a very close 2-1 split decision to a team from Wake Forest University that was coached by Rutgers University-Newark debate alumni Elijah Smith (SPAA Class of 2014). Elijah is currently perusing his Masters degree in communications at Wake Forest and is an assistant coach for Wake’s national ranked debate team.

Rutgers University-Newark also sent the team of Christian Quiorz and Kevon Haughton to the Texas open and they won five of their eight preliminary debates and missed making it to the elimination debates on speaker points. They were ranked 37th after preliminary rounds. This is a very impressive accomplishment at the last major national tournament of the regular season and puts Rutgers University-Newark in a position to succeed at nationals next month. 

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