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Teaching Resources Guide for Public Affairs and Administration (4th Edition)


Publisher: Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA) Year: 2017

NASPAA's Teaching Resources Guide for Public Affairs and Administration, Fourth Edition, developed by the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) at Rutgers University-Newark, brings together a broad array of teaching and learning resources in public policy, public affairs and administration and makes each available via a web link. Over 2,000 resources and web links are provided in the areas of instructional resources, academic integrity, cases for the classroom, syllabi, textbooks and publishers, simulations, and teaching statistics/research methods.

Sociology of Education: A Critical Reader (3rd Edition)


Year: 2015

This comprehensive and bestselling reader examines the most pressing topics in sociology and education while exposing students to examples of sociological research in schools. Drawing from classic and contemporary scholarship, noted sociologist Alan R. Sadovnik with Ryan W. Coughlan have chosen readings that examine current issues and reflect diverse theoretical approaches to studying the effects of schooling and society. The third edition provides students with nine new readings from some of the best theorists and researchers in education including Sean F. Reardon, Ann Owens, Prudence L. Carter, and Pedro A. Noguera. Through full, rather than excerpted primary source readings, students have the opportunity to read sociological research as it is written and engage in critical analyses of readings in their entirety. This edition features a greater focus on issues of equality and accessibility in schooling for minority students and those with learning disabilities, while an all- new Part IV offers a selection of articles on the shifting social and political factors which have influenced the development of education policy and reform within the last six years. Including comprehensive section introductions, questions for reflection and discussion, and suggested readings, Sociology of Education will stimulate student thinking about the important roles that schools play in contemporary society and their ability to solve fundamental social, economic, and political problems.

Available at: Amazon.com

E-Government and Websites: A Public Solutions Handbook (The Public Solutions Handbook Series)


Publisher: Routledge Year: 2015

This book presents a citizen-centric perspective of the dual components of e-government and e-governance. E-government refers to the practice of online public reporting by government to citizens, and to service delivery via the Internet. E-governance represents the initiatives for citizens to participate and provide their opinion on government websites. This volume in the Public Solutions Handbook Series focuses on various e-government initiatives from the United States and abroad, and will help guide public service practitioners in their transformation to e-government. The book provides important recommendations and suggestions oriented towards practitioners, and makes a significant contribution to e-government by showcasing successful models and highlighting the lessons learned in the implementation processes. Chapter coverage includes: * Online fiscal transparency * Performance reporting * Improving citizen participation * Privacy issues in e-governance * Internet voting * E-government at the local level

Available at: Amazon.com

Government Anti-Corruption Strategies: A Cross-Cultural Perspective


Publisher: CRC Press Year: 2015

As a political and social disease, public corruption costs governments and businesses around the world trillions of dollars every year. Government Anti-Corruption Strategies: A Cross-Cultural Perspective provides you with a better understanding of public corruption and governments’ anti-corruption practices. It outlines a general framework of anti-corruption strategies that governments undertake to effectively curb corrupt practices. Case studies of several countries illustrate how governments put anti-corruption strategies into practice. This book provides case studies of anti-corruption efforts in several countries, including China, India, South Korea, Nepal, and Central and Eastern European countries. It focuses on developing and transitional countries, where the depth and effects of corruption are especially severe. The cases highlight examples of failure as well as success so that the complexity of corruption issues and the reasons why corruption persists can be better understood. Government Anti-Corruption Strategies: A Cross-Cultural Perspective represents an international effort to foster a better understanding of the issues surrounding corruption. This compelling collection of studies offers insights into real-life cases of corruption that help you equip yourself to stem corruption when it appears.

Available at: CRC Press

Innovations in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors: A Public Solutions Handbook (The Public Solutions Handbook Series)

De Lancer Julnes

Publisher: Routledge Year: 2015

In the organizational context, the word "innovation" is often associated with private sector organizations, which are often perceived as more agile, adaptable, and able to withstand change than government agencies and nonprofit organizations. But the reality is that, while they may struggle, public and nonprofit organizations do innovate. These organizations must find ways to use shrinking resources effectively, improve their performance, and achieve desirable societal outcomes. Innovation in the Public Sector provides alternative frameworks for defining, categorizing, and studying innovation in government and in the nonprofit sector.

Through a diverse collection of international case studies, this book broadens the discussion of innovation in public and nonprofit organizations, demonstrating the hurdles organizations face and examining the technological advances and managerial ingenuity innovators use to achieve their goals, both within and beyond the boundaries of the innovating organization. This book provides current and future public managers with the understanding and skills required to manage change and innovation, and is essential reading for all those studying public management, public administration, and public policy.

Available at: Amazon.com

Managing the Next Generation of Public Workers: A Public Solutions Handbook (The Public Solutions Handbook Series)


Publisher: Routledge Year: 2015

Managing the Next Generation of Public Workers is a fresh and energetic look at the changing climate of diversity in the public and nonprofit workplace.

The workforce of the twenty-first century represents unparalleled complexity: Baby Boomers, GenX, GenY, Millennials, and other groupings that surely will emerge. Although that diversity may be challenging and often overwhelming for public managers, Hamidullah emphasizes the potential strengths that can be drawn from complex multigenerational relationships.

This handbook offers public and nonprofit managers the tools necessary to address generational differences and is for those managers who recognize the challenges of managing a multigenerational workforce, and are therefore seeking helpful insights. This volume is a roadmap not only for human resource (HR) managers, but for all managers who must address the complexities of the human condition - complexities that are complicated by the most rapid succession of workforce generations that we have yet seen.

Available at: Amazon.com

Migrant Mobilization and Securitization in the US and Europe – How Does It Feel to Be a Threat?

Ariane Chebel d'Appollonia

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan Year: 2015

This book analyzes the diverse ways that immigrants and minorities on both sides of the Atlantic have perceived and reacted to the restrictive immigration and integration policies implemented since 9/11, which have framed immigration and ethno-religious diversity as security issues and targeted immigrants and minorities who allegedly pose a threat to their host societies. Ariane Chebel d'Appollonia examines the complex relationship between immigrants' resentment at being discriminated against and the varying participatory forms that immigrants and minorities adopt in response. The book categorizes and analyzess distinct reactions among targeted groups (including passivity, retreatism or separatism, activism, and radicalization) as reactive or proactive forms of mobilization. Synthesizing findings from political science, sociology, and social psychology, this book offers insights that will be relevent to academic and policy communities alike.

Available at: ebooks.com

Partnership Governance in Public Management: A Public Solutions Handbook (The Public Solutions Handbook Series)


Publisher: Routledge Year: 2015

The ability to create and sustain partnerships is a skill and a strategic capacity that utilizes the strengths and offsets the weaknesses of each actor. Partnerships between the public and private sectors allow each to enjoy the benefits of the other: the public sector benefits from increased entrepreneurship and the private sector utilizes public authority and processes to achieve economic and community revitalization. Partnership Governance in Public Management describes what partnership is in the public sector, as well as how it is managed, measured, and evaluated. Both a theoretical and practical text, this book is a what, why, and how examination of a key function of public management.

Examining governing capacity, community building, downtown revitalization, and partnership governance through the lens of formalized public-private partnerships – specifically, how these partnerships are understood and sustained in our society – this book is essential reading for students and practitioners with an interest in partnership governance and public administration and management more broadly. Chapters explore partnering technologies as a way to bridge sectors, to produce results and a new sense of public purpose, and to form a stable foundation for governance to flourish.

Available at: Amazon.com

Schools of Tomorrow, Schools of Today: Progressive Education in the 21st Century


Publisher: Peter Lang Publishers Year: 2015

Available at: (Coming Soon)

Technology and Public Management


Publisher: Routledge Year: 2015

To be effective, every public manager needs to be actively engaged in technology decisions. This textbook is designed for students of public administration at every level who need to know and understand how technology can be applied in today’s public management workplace.

The book explores the latest trends in public management, policy, and technology and focuses on best practices on governance issues. Finally, this book provides real-life examples about the need for policies and procedures to safeguard our technology infrastructure while providing greater openness, participation, and transparency.

Available at: Routledge (Taylor & Francis)


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