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Government Anti-Corruption Strategies: A Cross-Cultural Perspective


Publisher: CRC Press Year: 2015

As a political and social disease, public corruption costs governments and businesses around the world trillions of dollars every year. Government Anti-Corruption Strategies: A Cross-Cultural Perspective provides you with a better understanding of public corruption and governments’ anti-corruption practices. It outlines a general framework of anti-corruption strategies that governments undertake to effectively curb corrupt practices. Case studies of several countries illustrate how governments put anti-corruption strategies into practice. This book provides case studies of anti-corruption efforts in several countries, including China, India, South Korea, Nepal, and Central and Eastern European countries. It focuses on developing and transitional countries, where the depth and effects of corruption are especially severe. The cases highlight examples of failure as well as success so that the complexity of corruption issues and the reasons why corruption persists can be better understood. Government Anti-Corruption Strategies: A Cross-Cultural Perspective represents an international effort to foster a better understanding of the issues surrounding corruption. This compelling collection of studies offers insights into real-life cases of corruption that help you equip yourself to stem corruption when it appears.

Available at: CRC Press

Governance and Intergovernmental Relations in the European Union and the United States: Theoretical Perspective


Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc. Year: 2010

"This book provides solid academic evidence of a lively debate and dialogue between US and EU scholars about multi-level governance (MLG) and intergovernmental relations (IGR). Beyond the contingencies of the terms and the path dependency of their historical developments, there are elements of convergence and overlap. This publication is a good example of how academic transatlantic dialogues result in a stronger understanding of the premises of our concepts, and of the functioning of our systems."
– Geert Bouckaert, Public Management Institute and European Group for Public Administration, Leuven, Belgium

Available at: Amazon.com

Governmental Transparency and Secrecy: Linking Literature and Contemporary Debate


Publisher: Lexington Books Year: 2010

Gaining access to government information is a perpetual concern of citizens. This is due in large part to the relationship between transparency and the issues of ethics, corruption, administrative malfeasance, and accountability. The last few years have proven that governmental transparency is a burgeoning academic subfield spurred on by contemporary political events and attention generated by the popular press.

Available at: Amazon.com
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