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Les Frontières du Racisme


Publisher: Presses de Sciences Po. Year: 2012

Acknowledged failure of multiculturalism in Germany and in Great Britain, hunting of the Roma in France and in Italy, criminalization of being Latino in the United States, inter-ethnic conflict and anti-white racism in Africa, anti-black racism in Europe, anti-Christian riots in Asia and the Middle East, growing anti-Semitism and global Islamophobia... What explains the persistence of racial prejudice in spite of unprecedented mobilization against racism? Are we witnessing the emergence of new ethno-racial boundaries? With a theoretical, historic, and comparative approach, this book assesses the nature and borders of contemporary racism. The author analyzes how the security obsession comes, in many countries, with a tightening circle of national identity, in order to legitimize the reinforcement of social control of minorities and toughening border enforcement.

Available at: Presses de Sciences Po.
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