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The Digital Revolution in Higher Education: The How & Why the Internet of Everything is Changing Everything


Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Year: 2015

As its title implies, this book provides an optimistic vision through a series of thoughtful, if not a provocative collection of writings from those closest to the system. No discussion regarding the digital revolution in higher education is complete without taking into account the viewpoints of the innovators, the faculty, the students, the chief information officer, and the administration. Higher education has come under increasing scrutiny as never before due to rising costs, changes in future job requirements, and new forms of learning opportunities offered by non-traditional companies and institutions. The Digital Revolution in Higher Education is all about the changes regarding the advances in technology and how institutions of higher learning along with nontraditional organizations are utilizing these powerful new tools. These new tools include new mobile devices, enhanced and feature-rich learning management systems, data-feeding sensors, 3D printers, smart classrooms, smart buildings, and collaboration tools allowing students and faculty to collaborate just about anywhere face-to-face, virtually. Learn how this revolution will help reshape higher education thus transforming it towards the University of Everything.

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Developments in Strategic and Public Management – Studies in the US and Europe


Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan Year: 2014

Through up-to-date studies of public services, an outstanding cast of contributors provide in-depth and innovative perspectives on the state of strategic public management in the USA and Europe. Collectively, these compelling case studies offer profound insights into the emergence of strategic management practices and capabilities at both the national and subnational level. Moreover, the individual contributions also investigate the nexus between strategic planning and other public management systems as well as the strategic dimension of networks and partnerships. This volume shows that strategic management, far from being simply a disciplined approach to long-term decisions, has become a central feature of public organizations at large in the USA and Europe. The result is a collection that is essential reading for all students and scholars of public management and administration.

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Digital Governance in Municipalities Worldwide (2013-14): Sixth Global E-Governance Survey


Publisher: National Center for Public Performance, Rutgers University-Newark Year: 2014

A Longitudinal Assessment of Municipal Websites Throughout the World.

Download: PDF icon Digital Governance in Municipalities Worldwide (2013-14)

Municipal Shared Services and Consolidation: A Public Solutions Handbook (The Public Solutions Handbook Series)


Publisher: Routledge Year: 2014

Municipal Shared Services and Consolidation provides a comprehensive and clear review of the theories and practices of structuring and managing complex local government services. Intended for both students and practitioners, this volume in the Public Solutions Handbook Series addresses concepts and processes of shaping collaborative arrangements in public service with goals of effectiveness and efficiency in mind. The Handbook begins with a review of theories of shared services and consolidation, highlighting conceptual foundations, practical barriers, and cultural considerations related to these efforts. Specific, practical advice follows, highlighting the processes of creating, implementing, and managing shared services and consolidation agreements. Municipal Shared Services and Consolidation is exceptionally well written and is amplified by examples, cases, illustrations, and a comprehensive bibliography.

Available at: Amazon.com

Public Administration in a Globalized World: Theories and Practices Between the US and Korea


Publisher: M.E. Sharpe Year: 2014

Available at: (Coming Soon)

Research Methods in Practice: Strategies for Description and Causation (2nd Edition)

Van Ryzin

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc Year: 2014

The Second Edition of Research Methods in Practice: Strategies for Description and Causation sets an entirely new standard for presenting and learning research methods. The perspective gained from this text makes it a truly necessary tool for such applied disciplines as public affairs and administration, public policy, psychology, urban affairs, education, sociology, social work, business, public health, political science, economics, communications and criminal justice.

Imbued with a deep commitment to make social and policy research methods accessible and meaningful, the Second Edition of Research Methods in Practice: Strategies for Description and Causation compels and inspires students to truly grasp the logic—and limits—of the latest research appearing in academic journals, government reports, and the media. Authors Dahlia K. Remler and Gregg G. Van Ryzin cover the most pertinent issues and methods, emphasizing the critical interpretation and practical application of research findings. Both causation and description—and the distinction between them—are emphasized and maintained thematically throughout the text. Concepts are taught through in-depth examples, such as “Fighting Malaria in Kenya,” “The U.S. Poverty Measure,” “The Fallout from Hurricane Katrina,” “Family Dinners and Teenage Substance Abuse,” and “The Effect of Poverty on Mental Health.” The realistic trade-offs, uncertainties, habits, and excitement of the research experience come through on every page.

Available at: Amazon.com

Smart Cities for a Bright Sustainable Future - A Global Perspective


Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Year: 2014

Ancient Rome and Athens were once considered by every indication, great cities! European cities have endured a number of long wars that nearly destroyed them permanently. In the U.S., the City of San Francisco was nearly wiped out by the earthquake of 1906 and in 1871 the City of Chicago was nearly destroyed by fire. In nearly every case, these major cities were able to recover, rebuild, transform, making them stronger and more resilient. Today the so-called “smart cities” movement is based in part on the confluence of new technologies, economic growth, a re-evaluation of quality of life factors, as well as the resurgence of interest in cities across the globe. For example, only recently have we witnessed the trend towards urban growth in American cities. Today the outward migration has reversed itself after decades of residents moving to the suburbs or further out to rural parts of the country. Now, people are returning to our cities, or have decided not to leave as their forefathers had before them. This reinforces the need to re-think and to act differently when it comes to urban planning and maintaining sustainable cities. Even the smartest of cities can not rest on their past success. Smart cities require a constant process of vision, execution, and renewal, which makes it more a journey than a destination.

Available at: Amazon.com

Exploring Education: An Introduction to the Foundations of Education (4th Edition)

Cookson, Jr

Publisher: Routledge Year: 2013

This much-anticipated fourth edition of Exploring Education offers an alternative to traditional foundations texts by combining a point-of-view analysis with primary source readings. Pre- and in-service teachers will find a solid introduction to the foundations disciplines – history, philosophy, politics, and sociology of education – and their application to educational issues, including school organization and teaching, curriculum and pedagogic practices, education and inequality, and school reform and improvement. This edition features substantive updates, including the addition of discussion on the neo-liberal educational policy and recent debates about teacher evaluation, updated data and research, and new readings by leading researchers, such as Diane Ravitch, Robert Dreeben, and Helen F. Ladd.

At a time when foundations of education are marginalized in many teacher education programs and teacher education reform pushes scripted approaches to curriculum and instruction, Exploring Education helps teachers to think critically about the "what" and "why" behind the most pressing issues in contemporary education.

Available at: Routledge

Personnel Management in Government: Politics and Process (7th Edition)


Publisher: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group Year: 2013

Human resources represents one of the largest shares of government budgets at every level. The management of people who carry out the government's work is therefore a critical issue to politicians and government managers and leaders, as well as citizens. Regardless of which administration is in office or which reforms are being touted as necessary, personnel are always at the heart of government and governing. Personnel Management in Government: Politics and Process highlights the rapid developments in public personnel administration and management.

Available at: CRC Press

Frontiers of Fear: Immigration and Security in Europe and the United States


Publisher: Cornell University Press Year: 2012

Chebel d'Appollonia questions the main assumptions that inform political agendas in the United States and throughout Europe, analyzing implementation and evaluating the effectiveness of policies in terms of their stated objectives. She argues that the new security-based immigration regime has proven ineffective in achieving its prescribed goals and even aggravated the problems it was supposed to solve: A security/insecurity cycle has been created that results in less security and less democracy. The excesses of securitization have harmed both immigration and counterterrorist policies and seriously damaged the delicate balance between security and respect for civil liberties.

Available at: Cornell University Press


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