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Les Frontières du Racisme


Publisher: Presses de Sciences Po. Year: 2012

Acknowledged failure of multiculturalism in Germany and in Great Britain, hunting of the Roma in France and in Italy, criminalization of being Latino in the United States, inter-ethnic conflict and anti-white racism in Africa, anti-black racism in Europe, anti-Christian riots in Asia and the Middle East, growing anti-Semitism and global Islamophobia... What explains the persistence of racial prejudice in spite of unprecedented mobilization against racism? Are we witnessing the emergence of new ethno-racial boundaries? With a theoretical, historic, and comparative approach, this book assesses the nature and borders of contemporary racism. The author analyzes how the security obsession comes, in many countries, with a tightening circle of national identity, in order to legitimize the reinforcement of social control of minorities and toughening border enforcement.

Available at: Presses de Sciences Po.

Medicaid Politics: Federalism, Policy Durability, and Health Reform (American Governance and Public Policy Series)


Publisher: Georgetown University Press Year: 2012

In Medicaid Politics, political scientist Frank J. Thompson examines the program's profound evolution during the presidential administrations of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama and its pivotal role in the epic health reform law of 2010. This clear and accessible book details the specific forces embedded in American federalism that contributed so much to Medicaid's growth and durability during this period. It also looks to the future outlining the political dynamics that could yield major program retrenchment.

Available at: Amazon.com

Public Personnel Management: Current Concerns, Future Challenges (5th Edition)


Publisher: Longman Press, Fifth Edition Year: 2012

Updated in a new 5th edition, Public Personnel Management is a concise and accessible reader containing all original articles addressing the most current issues in public personnel management. Written expressly for the text by leading scholars, all of the articles are either new to this edition or substantially revised. Each article focuses on specific – often controversial – issues in public personnel management, such as comparative personnel management, pensions, sexuality, health, succession planning, unions, and the multi-generational workforce.

Available at: Amazon.com

Serving the Public Interest: Profiles of Successful and Innovative Public Servants


Publisher: M.E. Sharpe Year: 2012

This reader presents a balanced collection of 16 administrative profiles of high-level government and nonprofit officials for course use. They were originally published as part of a series for Public Administration Review and provide rich, in-depth examples of the work performed by high-level public servants and the factors that contribute to their effectiveness.

Available at: M.E. Sharpe

Transformational Government Through eGov Practice: Socioeconomic, Cultural, and Technological Issues


Publisher: Emerald Books Year: 2012

The progression of information and communication technology (ICT) eGovernment systems has substantial implications for the future of government as we know it. eGov presents major challenges and advantages for policy makers as fundamentally different nations are adopting ICT in public administration reforms in order to capitalize on the benefits of transformational government or electronic government technology.

This book investigates the modern political, technological, economic, social and cultural issues of transformational government. It discusses in detail how interaction through advancing technology such as e-participation, mobile government, social media, web 2.0, and cloud computing has been successfully incorporated into eGov practice. International in scope, this book gives practical examples and case studies of eGov implementation in countries across the globe including India, Turkey, Belgium and Greece and is the essential reference text for this important topic.

Available at: Emerald Books

CIO Leadership for State Governments – Emerging Trends & Practices


Publisher: Public Technology Institute Year: 2011

With all the responsibility and challenges, little has been written about the state CIO Leader, until now. This book is designed to serve as a thought leadership guide aimed at the practitioner as well as those who seek to better understand the roles and responsibilities of today's evolving State CIO. Today's state CIO plays a greater strategic role than ever before when it comes to technology infrastructure, as well as providing key statewide citizen services and communications systems. This book is the ultimate thought-leaders guide.

Available at: Amazon.com

Citizen Participation: Innovative and Alternative Modes for Engaging Citizens – Cases from the United States and South Korea


Publisher: The American Society for Public Administration and the National Center for Public Performance (NCPP) of the School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers University-Newark Year: 2011

This text presents a compilation of case studies that makes the argument for citizen participation through examples and presents case studies from both the United States and South Korea. It presents accounts of citizen participation that may serve as models for those looking to implement similar projects, or it may simply stir the imagination and help many recognize what is possible.

Download: PDF icon Citizen Participation

E-Governance and Civic Engagement: Factors and Determinants of E-Democracy


Publisher: IGI Global Year: 2011

Governments are increasingly turning to the Internet to provide public services. The move toward e-governance not only impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of public service, but also has the potential to transform the nature of government interactions with citizens. The book examines how e-government facilitates online public reporting, two-way communication and debate, online citizen participation in decision-making, and citizen satisfaction with e-governance. It explores the impacts from governments that have engaged their citizens online, discusses issues and challenges in adopting and implementing online civic engagement initiatives globally, and helps guide practitioners in their transition to e-governance.

Available at: Amazon.com

M-Government: Mobile Technologies for Responsive Governments and Connected Societies


Publisher: United Nations, OECD, and the ITU, Geneva, Switzerland Year: 2011

This report aims to foster a better understanding on how to leverage the economic and social impacts of the implementation of the Internet into mobile devices to enable ubiquitous governments, sustain public sector innovation and transform public service delivery. The content of this report paves the way for the Report on Agile Government to be released by OECD in the Fall of 2011. The report is a joint-product of the collaboration of OECD with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Available at: Amazon.com

Policy, Performance and Management in Governance and Intergovernmental Relations: Transatlantic Perspectives


Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc. Year: 2011

This innovative book presents a transatlantic comparison of governance and Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) policy, performance and management. By examining both analytical and empirical differences and similarities between the European Union and the United States, this comprehensive book provides a better understanding of (inter) governmental systems, settings and actors operating in the post New Public Management Era. The expert contributors consider processes of policy formulation and implementation from an intergovernmental point of view, examine issues of performance and accountability that rise in IGR settings and zoom in on the importance and implications of IGR for welfare. Taken together, these insights provide an important next step into the world of transatlantic research and comparison. This timely book will appeal to academics and researchers involved in IGR and Multi-Level Governance from the US and Europe as well as post-graduate students in public administration and public policy.

Available at: Amazon.com


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