Graduate Profile: Alex Ingrams (PhD '17)

Alex Ingrams became Dr. Alex Ingrams in March 2017 after successfully defending his dissertation: Open Government Performance: An Analytical Framework for Organizational Design. 

“For a long time, I was so wrapped up in my research that getting to the end hardly seemed imaginable,” Ingrams said. “It is incredibly satisfying to be able to look back and appreciate the hard work and support that the SPAA community put in to help me and others get here.”

Earning his doctorate preceded additional achievements, including his receipt of the Laverne Burchfield Award for his article “Varieties of Open Governance: How Openness Projects Organize and Make Decisions.” The award is granted to the author of the best book review in Public Administration Review for 2016 and was presented at the 2017 American Society for Public Administration Conference. Ingrams reviewed Wikipedia and the Politics of Openness by Nathaniel Tkacz.

As his body of work suggests, Ingrams is interested in open government as well as the use of information and communication technology in public organizations.

In January 2017, Ingrams began an appointment as an assistant professor at Tilburg University in the Netherlands where he can educate future generations of public administrators.

“I am thrilled to be using the skills and knowledge that I gained in my doctorate in teaching and research at Tilburg University. I hope to shape public administration scholarship and practice in a way that can be applied to contemporary challenges.”

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