Financial Support for Doctoral Students

General Information

Financial assistance is available to graduate students in the form of merit-based assistantships and fellowships, as well as need-based and non-need based grants and loans. For more detailed and official information about these forms of financial aid, please see:

Importantly, many graduate students at the university receive fellowships funded by sources outside the university. Prospective as well as current doctoral students are encouraged to apply for externally funded fellowships and scholarships as early as possible. The university’s GradFund program offers information and support about external funding:

Non-US students are encouraged to apply for fellowships and scholarships that may be available from their home countries to support their education in the US.


SPAA Policies and Procedures for Financial Support for Doctoral Students

In addition to the financial aid referenced above, SPAA provides limited part-time teaching and research-related employment opportunities to doctoral students to help them afford their education and living expenses. SPAA’s general policies and procedures are as follows:

  • Part-time teaching and work opportunities will be announced to all doctoral students, who must then apply for these positions by the deadline and with all required information. Applications are reviewed by the Dean’s Office and the PhD Director.
  • Students with assistantships and fellowships are not eligible for part-time teaching and employment at SPAA during the academic year (other than what may be required as part of their assistantship or fellowship). These students are, however, eligible for part-time summer employment.
  • Students who have received four years of financial aid from assistantships and fellowships are generally expected to complete their degree during the four years of funding. There is no promise of support from SPAA in the fifth year or beyond, and any teaching or part-time employment opportunities will be offered only to highly qualified candidates who have made substantial progress toward completing their dissertations.
  • Selection of students for part-time teaching and research work at SPAA will take into account academic merit, work experience, qualifications for the position, and past performance in part-time teaching or research jobs at SPAA.
  • The amount of financial support already provided to the student in the past (including fellowships, scholarships, and part-time employment) will be considered in the selection process, so that SPAA’s limited resources can be used as equitably as possible.
  • Students living outside of the New York–Newark–Jersey City, NY–NJ–PA Metropolitan Statistical Area are generally not eligible for part-time teaching or research work at SPAA.
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