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Red Tape From Red Square: Bureaucratic Commentary in Soviet Graphic Art

Marc Holzer, Iryna Illiash, Vatche Gabrielian, and Lyudmila Kuznetsova

This collection is part of the rediscovery of a larger body of creative resources ranging over novels, poetry, films, drama, musicals, songs, sculpture and other such endeavors. Many of these works have been analyzed from administrative perspectives, public and private, in a growing body of scholarly works.

This 377-page volume contains 303 full-color graphics accompanied by text and, in many instances, poems, all translated into English. The anti-bureaucratic satire of the Soviet era, often tame but telling, is represented by cartoons from newspapers and magazines of the 1920s through mid-1980s, many from Krokodil and Literaturnaya Gazeta, as well as the "Fighting Pencil" posters.

Reinventing Newark - An Online Exhibition of Unfinished Newark, NJ Projects

Reinventing Newark explores the rich array of available archival sources to reveal the many visions of the city that were never built or only partially built.

Download: Reinventing Newark


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