Register for courses online using Rutgers WebReg. This service is available to all students at the University. Students with prerequisites, time conflicts, and maximum credit override problems must add courses in person at the Registrars Office.

Login to WebReg using your 9-digit Rutgers ID. Your Personal Access Code (PAC) is the first four digits of your birthday (ex. September 5th birthday = 0905 PAC code).

WebReg is available at the following times:
Monday-Friday: 6:30am – 11:59pm
Saturday-Sunday: 6:30am – 6:30pm

Most students can utilize the WEBREG system, if your access is blocked, you must obtain a signature.


MPA Students

Special Permission Numbers (SPN)

For courses in the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program, special permission numbers are required in the following circumstances:

  • Capstone
    The final class students will take in their MPA program is Capstone. To be eligible for capstone, students must be in their final semester, having completed all necessary pre-requisites.
  • You are an on-campus student seeking an online course
    The MPA program is offered in two forms, on-campus and online. To ensure that student enrolled in the online program are able to take the classes they need, students in the on-campus program are limited in how many online courses they can enroll. Students enrolled in the on-campus program are able to register for up to 3 online courses throughout the pursuit of their degree, no more than 1 per semester. On-campus student must use an SPN to register for an online class. Only online students are able to register for online courses for the first two weeks of the registration period.
  • BA/MPA Students
    Those students completing 5-year program/accelerated program are eligible to take masters level courses as an undergraduate student with permission from their academic advisor.
  • The course is closed
    This means the original number of students approved to take this course has been reached. In some limited situations, students may be able to be added to a close course using an SPN.

To obtain a Special Permission Number, contact your academic advisor. Please note, SPN’s are given out each Thursday during the registration period. In cases where the student requests a different section after an SPN has been issued, if approved, the student will receive the new SPN the following Thursday.


PhD Students

A PhD Registration Form needs to be signed by the Director of the PhD Program before you can register.

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