SPAA Visiting Associate Professor James Ward Publishes New Book on Policing and Race


Visiting Associate Professor James D. Ward has released a new book, Policing and Race in America: Economic, Political and Social Dynamics (Lexington Books, 2018), that explores how the relationship between police and minority groups affects politics, the economy, and minority groups’ daily lives and successes. The book’s chapters, through evidence-based research, address the Black Lives Matter movement, immigration, incarceration, community policing, and activities within the Detroit, Los Angeles, and Atlanta police departments.

Praise for the piece includes commentary by University of Kansas Professor of Public Affairs and Administration Charles Epp who suggests that Ward’s publication challenges “scholars and practitioners alike to think more deeply and act with greater determination to address one of the most troubling and important problems of our time.”

Ward’s book proposes a comparative methodology for the study of racialized police violence and explains why the phenomenon represents a failure of public administration and government itself. Ward explains that scholars and practitioners are obliged to address this multi-layered and daunting issue for the advancement of social equity, justice, and the public interest.



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