2016 Teaching Public Administration Conference

American Society for Public Administration


39th Teaching Public Administration Conference

Balancing Theory & Practice in Public Service Professionalization

May 24 & 25, 2016

School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA)
Rutgers University-Newark

Newark, New Jersey

The 39th Annual Teaching Public Administration Conference (TPAC) provides a forum for:

  • Demonstrating and discussing teaching opportunities and strategies;
  • Building awareness of the contemporary environments related to public administration education;
  • Collaborating on career development strategies.

The important relationship between theory and practice, and the need for reciprocity between scholars and practitioners, has long been recognized in the field of public administration. An abundance of academic journals support this with a range of studies over several decades that demonstrate the collective knowledge base derived from partnerships of this kind.

The ultimate goal of the conference is to promote and sustain professionalism in public service, among both academics and practitioners. Good practices in the field necessitate achieving a balance in theory and practice in the development and delivery of public administration curricula, and in programs that foster students' career development.

The forum is designed for public administration educators, practitioners, and students.

Keynote Speaker:
Ms. Joy McDonald

Ms. Joy McDonald, Manager of Information Technology at Rutgers University-Newark, will speak on “Strategies for Supportive Online Instruction.” Ms. McDonald has been working in academic technology for over twenty years, in both K-12 and higher education where she received her Masters in Educational Leadership. She has been with Rutgers University-Newark for over ten years and enjoys working with faculty to use technology in their teaching. She is involved in the evaluation, implementation and promotion of technology and how it can be used to support learning and the university’s initiatives.

Keynote Speaker:
Dr. William Howe

Dr. William Howe will speak on “Multicultural Education.” Dr. Howe has been the President of Multicultural Dimensions, his own training and consulting firm, since 1991. He has been an educator for 35 years and the former program manager for culturally responsive education, multicultural education, bullying and harassment, gender equity, and civil rights at the Connecticut State Department of Education. Dr. Howe has a BA in Psychology from McMaster University; a BEd in Elementary and Special Education from the University of Western Ontario; a MS in Management Science from Lesley University School of Management, and his MA and EdD from Teachers College/Columbia University.

Other topics of presentation/discussion will include:

  • The use of art, literature, cinema, and video in teaching public administration
  • Enriching electronic instruction
  • Multidisciplinary approaches to public service learning
  • The use of case-based courses for teaching public administration
  • Supporting student success through advising and mentoring as teaching
  • Teaching public administration in diversified classrooms
  • International perspectives on public administration education

Pre-Conference Certificate Workshop:

(Separate registration required – limit 50 seats)

Everything You Need to Know and Understand about Teaching Technology for Public Administration

Schools of public administration have found it to be very challenging in trying to recruit and retain qualified faculty to teach this increasingly important course content. This workshop is designed for faculty willing and or able to expand current interests as well as for those who are looking to improve upon their skills in this area. Registrants will receive the latest textbook "Technology & Public Management" as part of the workshop, and through this intensive half-day course be made aware of the resources and methodology that can be used by non-technical faculty in teaching this subject. Participants will be given a model syllabus to review and critique as well as a host of invaluable resources one can turn to for more up-to-the minute information.

Participants will receive:

  • Textbook, Technology and Public Management, published by Routledge, 2015 ($70 value)
  • Sample course syllabus – what needs to be covered and why?
  • Best e-destinations and sources for up-to-the-minute information
  • Models for teaching technology and public administration for the non-technical
  • Best ways to find “experts” to assist in classroom teaching and facilitation
  • Designing online and hybrid courses – what you need to know
  • Tips on how to incorporate technology in the classroom

About the Instructors:

  • Dr. Alan Shark is the Executive Director of the Public Technology Institute and also serves as Associate Professor of Practice at Rutgers University-Newark School of Public Affairs and Administration. Dr. Shark has been teaching Technology and Public Administration both in synchronous and asynchronous modes since 2009. Among his many publications, he is the author of the new textbook, Technology & Public Management. Dr. Shark is a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration where he chairs the Standing Committee on Technology Leadership.  
  • Dr. Kelly Robinson is Director of Public Data and Institutional Research at Rutgers SPAA and is an Assistant Research Professor. Dr. Robinson’s specialties include database management, project evaluation, statistical economic modeling, and regional economic development. He has an extensive and broad background conducting multidisciplinary research with both qualitative and quantitative methods. He also teaches courses in database management and GIS technologies.


Questions about the conference may be sent to Dr. Lois M. Warner, Assistant Teaching Professor, School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Newark
(tpac@andromeda.rutgers.edu or 973-353-3678).

Conference Committee:

Conference Chair

  • Dr. Marc Holzer, Founding Dean, School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Newark (mholzer@rutgers.edu)

Conference Co-chair

  • Dr. Lorenda Naylor, Chair of SPAE, Associate Professor, Director, B.A. in Government & Public Policy, Schaefer Center Faculty Fellow, College of Public Affairs, University of Baltimore

Program Chairs

  • Dr. Alexander Heckman, Department Chair, Public Administration Chair, Public Administration Programs, Franklin University (alexander.heckman@franklin.edu)
  • Dr. Staci Zavattaro, Associate Professor of Public Administration and a Research Associate with the Center for Public and Nonprofit Management, College of Health and Public Affairs, University of Central Florida (staci.zavattaro@ucf.edu)

Planning Committee, School of Public Affairs and Administration

  • Chair: Lois M. Warner – Assistant Teaching Professor; Assistant Director, Virtual Museum of Public Service
  • Andrew Ballard – Managing Director, National Center for Public Performance
  • Rachel Emas – Assistant Teaching Professor; Assistant Director, Global Executive Online MPA
  • Melissa Rivera – Associate Dean for Finance, Technology and Administration
  • Kelly Robinson – Director of Public Data and Institutional Research; Assistant Research Professor
  • Alan Shark – Associate Professor of Practice
  • Ginger Swiston – Director of Communications


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