Nonprofit Management Certificate

The Nonprofit Management Certificate offered by School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) at Rutgers University-Newark offers busy practitioners interested or working in the nonprofit sector an opportunity to develop competencies in important elements of nonprofit organization management and performance. Certificate courses may also be taken by MPA students as a concentration in their program.

Applicants for the Nonprofit Management Certificate may take courses simply by completing the graduate application and selecting the non-degree option. It is not necessary to meet admission requirements to complete the certificate. Students completing the certificate should notify the Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs who will verify that the certificate courses have been completed and issue the certificate. Certificate courses completed with a B or better grade may be used for the MPA degree should a student elect to apply to the degree program. If a certificate student elects to matriculate into the MPA degree program, the admission application must be completed before the student may be matriculated in the MPA degree program.


Students seeking the Nonprofit Management Certificate complete six (6) courses for a total of 18 credits.


  • 20:834:571 Nonprofit Budgeting (3)
  • 20:834:575 Grant Writing and Grants Management (3)
  • 20:834:576 Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations (3)
  • 20:834:524 Strategic Planning (3)
  • 20:834:523 Human Resources Administration (3)
  • 20:834:515 Administrative Ethics (3)


Register for courses online using Rutgers WebReg. This service is available to all students at the University. Students with prerequisites, time conflicts, and maximum credit override problems must add courses in person at the Registrars Office.

Login to WebReg using your 9-digit Rutgers ID. Your Personal Access Code (PAC) is the first four digits of your birthday (ex. September 5th birthday = 0905 PAC code).

WebReg is available at the following times:
Monday-Friday: 6:30am – 11:59pm
Saturday-Sunday: 6:30am – 6:30pm

Most students can utilize the WEBREG system, if your access is blocked, you must obtain a signature.

Term bills may be paid online at one day following registration.

Program Cost

Tuition and fee charges are determined by the Board of Governors annually in mid-July. For current graduate tuition rates and costs see Program Costs/Financial Aid.

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