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2022-2023 MPA Capstone Portfolios

The MPA Capstone encourages students to integrate knowledge and skills from across the Master of Public Administration curriculum to develop a professional portfolio that demonstrates core competencies at the culmination of their graduate studies.

2022-2023 MPA Capstone Portfolio Spotlights

Dillon Chorba

"Throughout my MPA journey, I have developed a greater understanding of the ways in which an effective public official can lead and serve with conviction."

Assitan Drame

"The program has challenged me to apply my prior experience, critical thinking skills, analytical skills, and communication skills in a manner that contributes to public service."

Aneesha Farmer

"I utilized the guidance and necessary framework from this MPA program to help propel me further into a lifetime of service."

Monica Galas

"I obtained my Master of Public Administration in order to continue enhancing my life purpose, which is assisting the public in various methods, whether behind the scenes or through on-the-ground work."