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CEBPA – Join Us


CEBPA invites visiting scholars (including doctoral students) working in the area of experimental and behavioral public administration. Although we cannot offer stipends, we can provide office space and administrative support for both shorter-term and longer-term visits. For more information, contact the director.

Join the Experimental and Behavioral Public Administration Network

The Experimental and Behavioral Public Administration Network aims to keep researchers and practitioners interested in experimental and behavioral public administration informed about new publications, research and initiatives in this emerging area of study. In addition, the Network is interdisciplinary, involving scholars from psychology, economics, management, law, political science, as well as public administration who share an interest in the application of experimental methods and behavioral insights to the study of public administration.

The network's mailing list, EBPA-l, is managed by CEBPA. You can join the mailing list at

Join CivicPanel

A place on the web where you can participate in online surveys about government and your community. Results are used to help inform decisions, influence policy, and improve communities.

People all over the US and the world can join CivicPanel to voice their opinions. The surveys are short, interesting -- and you'll get the chance to win gift certificates from

We invite you to join CivicPanel.

Join the Public Service Research Panel

The Public Service Research Panel, PSRPanel, is an online community of public service professionals who sign up to participate in occasional web-based surveys and studies about the important work they do and the organizations they help lead.

If you are a government or nonprofit executive, program or unit manager, front-line public servant, or student planning a career in public service – we invite you to join the PSRPanel.