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Rutgers SPAA at GCTR 2024

Faculty and doctoral students from the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) will present research at the 8th Annual Global Conference on Transparency Research in Brussels on May 15-17, 2024.

Nicolas Lagos, PhD Student

  • Poster Presentation: "Threefold new functions of the Supreme Audit Institutions: A systematic review"
  • Presenter: "Reporting corruption when it becomes systemic"

Metin Nazlıoğlu, Visiting Doctoral Student

  • Presenter: "Approaching budget transparency with a culture lens"

Suzanne Piotrowski, Professor

  • Standing Executive Committee of the GCTR
  • Presenter: "Vexatious requests: Sound and fury or things fall apart? Vexatious FOI in the UK: A case study"
  • Panel Chair: "Effects of transparency"
  • Workshop on teaching transparency

Yahong Zhang, Associate Professor

  • Panel Chair: "Transparency and whistleblowing"
  • Presenter: "Public employees’ whistleblowing intention: Explanation by an adapted theory of planned behavior"