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SPAA Alumni Network 2019-2020 Executive Board Take Oath of Office

SPAAAN 2019-2020 Executive Board officially took the oath of office on January 28, 2019. Seated are Matthew Distaulo (MPA’14), treasurer; Stephen Lyman (EMPA’17), president; Breanna Datesman (MPA’16), secretary; and Oneil Madden (MPA’17), vice president.

On January 28, 2019, the 2019-2020 Executive Board for the SPAA Alumni Network (SPAAAN) took the oath of office following their election last fall. The newly installed officers include Stephen Lyman (EMPA’17), president; Oneil Madden (MPA’17), vice president; Breanna Datesman (MPA’16), secretary; and Matthew Distaulo (MPA’14), treasurer.

"Our goals while in office are to enhance the alumni network to foster methods of collaboration among alumni, students, Rutgers, and our community," said Lyman. "We want to engage with the alumni network to determine what we can do to create cohesion at events, professional development seminars, and panel discussions. Finally, we want to encourage participation at not only alumni and Rutgers events but also in each others events personally and professionally."

The new board is encouraging any SPAA alumni interested in creating or joining a committee to contact the Network at