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SPAA Graduate Profile: Joshnelly Orbe (BA'23)

Name: Joshnelly Orbe
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Public and Nonprofit Administration
Graduation Year: 2023

Why did you come to SPAA?
I chose SPAA because it was a perfect marriage between my passions for the public sector and the corporate world.

How has your experience been at SPAA?
My experience at SPAA has been great. I have enjoyed my classes, peers, professors, and the different opportunities that the school has presented to me, including attending the Forbes summit, studying abroad in London, and consistently informing me about unique scholarship and career development opportunities.

What are you looking to do after graduating?
After I graduate in May 2023, I will be completing the MPA program within SPAA.

Joshnelly Orbe at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in October 2022.

Memorable SPAA Experience: 2022 Forbes Under 30 Summit

Joshnelly Orbe attended the Forbes Under 30 Summit in October 2022 in Detroit, Michigan, having received an invitation from Aaron Gibbs, associate dean for student and academic services, as a student in good standing. According to Orbe, she immediately took the opportunity.  

At the event, top leaders discussed the impact of their entrepreneurial journeys across multiple industries. Among the attendees were Megan Thee Stallion, a Grammy-award-winning musician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, and Hailey Bieber, the founder and creative director of Rhode, a beauty brand.  

“As an entrepreneur at Dominican Talks, a nonprofit organization, and Alcomena, a wellness beauty brand, I knew that attending the event would expose me to like-minded individuals, present me with exclusive opportunities, and inspire me with new innovative ideas to implement in my ventures,” said Orbe.  

Inspired by the summit, Orbe organized Dominican Talks’ first “Diaspora Fest” in honor of Black History Month. “The event aimed to help students on campus be educated, empowered, and be able to connect with others,” said Orbe. She credits her success in organizing the event, which had over 200 participants, on the vision and inspiration she gained at the summit.  

Orbe earned her Bachelor of Arts in Public and Nonprofit Administration from Rutgers SPAA in May 2023, and is currently in the school's Accelerated MPA program. She expects to obtain her master’s in May 2024.