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SPAA Graduate Profile: Rashae Williams (MPA'23)

Rashae Williams (MPA'23)

Name: Rashae Williams 
Age: 25 
Home State: Utah
SPAA MPA Grad Month/Year: May 2023
Current Position: Student SPAA Ambassador 2022-2023; Spanish Rater for Avant Assessment

Why did you enroll at SPAA?  
I knew I wanted a degree that focused on serving people, and I already had an extensive background in nonprofit work. It was the perfect fit to give me leadership skills and more knowledge and experience in a field that I felt passionately about. I hope to use these skills to continue serving people in the public and nonprofit sectors and make the world a better place.  

What do you hope to accomplish with your degree?
I hope to support local nonprofits who work with refugee and immigrant populations, in the hopes that I can improve opportunities for acclimation and higher education among these groups in the US. 

Favorite SPAA memory and/or most meaningful experience at SPAA?
Being a SPAA Student Ambassador and working closely with other students, hosting/attending events. I’ve loved the experience and engagement I’ve enjoyed as part of SPAA.  

Biggest challenge(s)?
The biggest challenges I’ve faced throughout the program have been moving overseas and having a baby in my last semester. It has taken a lot out of me and I’ve needed a lot of help, but I wouldn’t be here without my husband, family, friends, and community support, and the flexibility offered to me by Rutgers to accelerate my coursework and still finish on time while focusing on family.  

Next steps?
Right now, I will continue working part-time while raising my now 3-month old baby girl.  

Advice to incoming students? 
If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it! The faculty and staff are all here to help and they are so responsive and attentive in answering questions or concerns. Also, give it your all! Start that nonprofit, join that club, apply for that position… make the most of your time in the program and it will give back to you as you give your all to SPAA.