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SPAA Internship Spotlight: Ashlie Claxton – Rutgers SPAA

Name: Ashlie Claxton
Degree Program: BA/MPA
Expected Graduation Date: May 2021
Name of Organization: Rutgers SPAA
Location of Internship: Newark, NJ
Title: Research Intern

Responsibilities: I had the opportunity to work in three different departments within the School of Public Affairs and Public Administration, which were Public Engagement, Communications and Marketing, and Student and Academic Services. While I worked in Public Engagement, my responsibility was to help develop the SPAA Student Ambassador Program to ensure that students were gaining experience in the field they were learning about. In Communications and Marketing, I learned the importance of Rutgers Giving Day while also providing a student perspective. In Student and Academic Services, I provided feedback and perspective on how to engage future students.

Favorite Aspect of Internship: I enjoyed meeting and connecting with the staff in the departments while also learning about different fields in public administration. It was great to know that I could make an impact not only for the departments, but for prospective students who would be joining the program.

Career Goals: I intend to work in the nonprofit sector and pursue a career in civil rights law.