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SPAA Internship Spotlight: Cyan Cyrus – State of NJ Certified Public Manager® Program

Cyan Cyrus

Full Name: Cyan Cyrus
Degree Program: Bachelor of Arts
Major: Public and Nonprofit Administration
Expected Graduation Date: May 2023
Name of Organization: State of NJ Certified Public Manager® Program
Location: Newark, NJ
Title: Teaching Assistant Intern
Responsibilities: I was responsible for maintaining the program’s databases (i.e. Canvas, OneDrive, Zoom) with information on student participation, grades, registration, and recordings of class sessions. I also helped coordinate and manage class meetings by providing technical support to students and staff, resolving technological issues that arose, and setting up discussion boards, group activities, team projects, and breakout rooms. As the internship came to a close, I aided in preparation for the upcoming CPM graduation by reaching out to CPM graduates about attending the graduation, sending them their certification letters, and preparing the graduation certificates and programs.

Favorite Part of Internship: I enjoyed interacting with the instructors, staff, and public managers of the program. All of these people have helped me navigate my work environment as well as made my experience fulfilling and exciting. I have gained a great deal of knowledge about how government works from the inside as well as what it takes to be an effective public manager.

Career Goals: As of now, I plan on seeking a career in human resources. As a long-term career goal, I aspire to start and lead an organization dedicated to the creation of a socially conscious and equitable community.

How did the Service-Learning Course help you navigate your internship responsibilities?
The Service-Learning Course helped me navigate my internship responsibilities by ensuring that I set goals and reflect on my experience as an intern. The required assignments made me think about how I can improve not only in my role as an intern but as an individual who wants a career that will allow me to feed my passion for giving back.

What kind of skills you have learned during this internship?
During my internship, I have developed my communication, time management, and adaptability. Communication skills allowed me to create workplace relationships and help the organization operate smoothly and productively. Time management has been essential to balancing the various responsibilities I have as well as dedicating time to self-care. Adaptability has helped me to adjust to the dynamic protocols and procedures of the CPM program.

Has the mentoring part of your internship been helpful in navigating your career goals?
The mentorship and support I received from my supervisor have helped me gain valuable knowledge on what it takes to run a successful program. My supervisor constantly challenged me and encouraged my development by allowing me to lead more projects and not micromanaging. I am truly appreciative of the mentorship relationship I have with my supervisor and I am sure it will be a lasting connection.