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SPAA Student Ambassador Program

The SPAA Student Ambassador Program is a multi-level leadership opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students who subscribe to the values of competence, diversity, knowledge, ethics, and service.

Meet the SPAA Ambassadors

Meet current and past cohorts of SPAA Student Ambassadors and learn why they feel compelled to represent the school:

What Ambassadors Do

SPAA Ambassadors represent the School of Public Affairs and Administration in a variety of activities including:

  • admissions
  • public/community engagement
  • recruitment/marketing
  • professional development

SPAA Ambassadors collaborate with SPAA students, alumni, faculty, and staff via committees that address:

  • Recruitment & Marketing: work to recruit and retain the next generation of public service leaders
  • Fundraising: work on raising money for the giving priorities promoted by SPAA
  • Community Building / Focus Groups: bridge communications between SPAA students, alumni, faculty, and staff to create new opportunities for engaging with the greater Newark community and foster discussions on creating change that positively influences our SPAA community
How Ambassadors Can Help

With ambassadors coming from the SPAA undergraduate (BA), Master of Public Administration (MPA), Online MPA, and Executive MPA programs, we are here to assist students of all levels with:

  • getting involved in the SPAA community
  • addressing concerns through focus groups
  • assistance with navigating admissions, financial aid, and career development processes
  • connecting current students and alumni
For More Information

To learn more, email