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Rutgers SPAA Centers & Institutes

Center for Applied Appreciative Inquiry (CAAI)
Director: James Davy
CAAI assists community organizations and groups with strategic planning, reorganization, and community engagement initiatives toward facilitating positive change.

Center for Experimental and Behavioral Public Administration (CEBPA)
Director: Gregg Van Ryzin
CEBPA works to support and develop experimental and behavioral approaches to public administration research and practice.

Center for Health Equity and Community Engagement (CHECE)
Director: Diane Hill
Co-Director: Charles Menifield
CHECE supports public, nonprofit and private sector entities to effectively engage underrepresented urban constituencies in health research, scholarship, policy and decision-making, service delivery, community engagement and assessment. 

Rutgers Institute on Anti-Corruption Studies (RIACS)
Director: Yahong Zhang
RIACS conducts research on private and public corruption and devises ways to reduce it.

Transparency and Governance Center (TGC)
Director: Suzanne Piotrowski
Associate Director: Gregory Porumbescu
TGC focuses on programming, research, and projects related to public sector transparency and governance.