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Accelerated Master of Public Administration Degree (BA/MPA or BS/MPA)

The joint Bachelor of Arts or Science and Master of Public Administration (BA/MPA or BS/MPA) degree provides qualified students with the opportunity to earn a master's degree in public administration while taking up to 18 credits of the MPA program as an undergraduate student.

The program is designed for highly motivated students with the desire to build career options into their undergraduate curriculum. The program is especially relevant to public service majors but it is also suitable and applicable for students from all undergraduate disciplines.

The breadth of MPA degree applications derives from the MPA degree focus on public, nonprofit, and regulated sectors. Organizations implementing and enforcing public policies include federal, state, local, and special district governments, nonprofit organizations, and regulated industries. The MPA degree is useful in organizations engaged in making laws and regulations; delivering public services; providing access to art, music, and other amenities; developing and sustaining communities; providing education, health care, and public safety; holding corporations and public officials accountable; and advocating on behalf of environmental, social, safety, community, and political issues. By graduating with a combined Bachelor’s/Master of Public Administration degree, the student is graduating ready for a career position.

Once accepted into the 42-credit MPA degree program, students take 18 credits of graduate MPA courses during their senior undergraduate year. Graduate courses available to accepted undergraduates include:

  • Introduction to Public Administration (3)
  • Administrative Ethics (3)
  • Technology and Public Administration (3)
  • Economics for Public Administration (3)
  • Managing Public Organizations (3)
  • Human Resources Administration (3)

These graduate courses may be taken during the fall and spring semester of a student’s senior year. MPA courses taken as an undergraduate are charged at the undergraduate tuition rate and are double-counted for undergraduate and graduate credits. Students are not considered to be a graduate student until they officially apply and are accepted into the MPA program and graduate with their Bachelor's degree. If a student takes graduate courses during the summer and/or winter sessions, she/he will be charged the graduate level tuition rate.

After receiving her/his undergraduate degree, a student continues with the MPA degree, taking MPA courses until completing the required 42 credit hours for the MPA degree. Post BA/BS degree credits carry the graduate tuition rate.

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