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Journal Editorships

SPAA Faculty serve as editors of top journals in the field:

ARPA – The American Review of Public Administration
Editor: Stephanie Newbold – Associate Professor, Rutgers SPAA
ARPA focuses on public administration broadly defined, encompassing organization and management studies, leadership, performance measurement and management systems, budgeting and financial management, network governance, and nonprofit management, among other topics.

CPAR – Chinese Public Administration Review, Special Issue on NPOs
Editor: Weiwei Lin – Assistant Teaching Professor, Rutgers SPAA
The first international journal specifically addressing the issues of Chinese, East Asian, and comparative public administration. CPAR is the official journal of the Section on Chinese Public Administration (SCPA) of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA). Published by the Institute for Public Service at Suffolk University - Boston, CPAR is a peer reviewed journal with a very strong international editorial team. CPAR is the first international journal specifically addressing the issues of Chinese public administration, riding on the rise of China, Asia and increasing global interconnectedness.

GVER – Global Virtue Ethics Review
Managing Editor: Rachel Emas – Assistant Teaching Professor, Rutgers SPAA
GVER addresses the specific area of virtue ethics for professionals. As the world moves to a more global society in which virtue ethics is more important, this publication explores how ethics can be enhanced to upgrade the quality of our professional organizations.

IPMJ – International Public Management Journal
Co-Editor: Gregg Van Ryzin – Professor, Rutgers SPAA
This journal publishes high-quality empirical and theoretical work on managing large organizations, particularly public organizations. IPMJ features work from scholars around the world who conduct research in the areas of public management and government reform, comparative public administration, organizational theory, and organizational behavior. IPMJ seeks to provide a bridge between those conducting research on public management and public administration on the one hand, and those working in the areas of organizational behavior and organization theory on the other. IPMJ intends to stimulate and reflect the academic interests of an international constituency of readers and scholars.

JBPA – Journal of Behavioral Public Administration
Editors: Gregg Van Ryzin – Professor, Rutgers SPAA; Sebastian Jilke; and Kenneth J. Meier
JBPA is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary open access journal that focuses on behavioral and experimental research in public administration, broadly defined. The journal welcomes behavioral and experimental work that advances theory, applied research about nudge tactics or other practical reforms, replications of previous experimental work, and studies with null findings (provided they are well designed and sufficiently powered). Given its multidisciplinary orientation, JBPA welcomes articles from across the behavioral sciences, including economics, public policy, political science, psychology, sociology, law, communication, and even biology -- provided they have relevance for public administration theory or practice.

JHPPL – Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, "The Politics and Policy of Health Reform"
Special Section Editor: Frank Thompson – Board of Governors Distinguished Professor, Rutgers SPAA
A leading journal in its field, and the primary source of communication across the many disciplines it serves, the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law focuses on the initiation, formulation, and implementation of health policy and analyzes the relations between government and health—past, present, and future.

JPMSP – Journal of Public Management & Social Policy
Editor-in-Chief: Charles Menifield – Dean, Rutgers SPAA
JPMSP publishes theoretical, applied, and/or discussion papers on public administration, political science, and public policy issues associated with the process of economic, educational, environmental, political and social well-being of diverse populations. JPMSP also accepts book reviews and case studies designed to bring literature to the attention of a wider readership. 

JPNA – Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs
Editor-in-Chief: Lindsey McDougle – Associate Professor, Rutgers SPAA
JPNA is a peer-reviewed, open source journal that is sponsored by the University of Nebraska at Omaha and published by the Midwest Public Affairs Conference (MPAC). The journal is focused on providing a connection between the practice and research of public affairs. This is accomplished with scholarly research, practical applications of the research, and no fees for publishing or journal access. JPNA publishes research from diverse theoretical, methodological, and disciplinary backgrounds that address topics related to the affairs and management of public and nonprofit organizations. The content of the journal spans the spectrum from public finance and organizational behavior to health administration and veterans’ affairs.