Cleopatra Charles (Grizzle), PhD

Associate Professor
Center for Urban and Public Service | Room 318


PhD: University of Kentucky, Public Policy and Administration (2008)
MPA: City Univerity of New York (2003)
BA: City University of New York (2000)


Dr. Cleopatra Charles (Grizzle) is a public budgeting scholar whose research focuses on financial management and fiscal policy issues that affect public organizations particularly related to fiscal slack, which incorporates debt management, revenue diversification, and revenue structure. More recently, her research has focused on nonprofit organizations and the relationship between governance decisions and financial preparedness in dealing with adverse circumstances. Dr. Charles has presented research at national and international conferences since 2007 when she was a second year doctoral student, and most of her presented papers have been turned into publications or are in the process of turning into publications. Her papers are published in several top peer-reviewed journals, including Public Budgeting and Finance, Municipal Finance Journal, Public Finance and Management and Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management.

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