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SPAA Internship Spotlight: Gerard Long – Trenton Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Gerard Long

Full Name: Gerard Long
SPAA Degree Program: BA in Public and Nonprofit Administration
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2025
Name of Organization: Trenton Department of Fire and Emergency Services
City and State of Internship: Trenton, NJ
Your Title: Fire Department Administrative Intern
Date of Internship: Fall 2022

Summary of Responsibilities:
My responsibilities were to assist the director with various administrative tasks. I had the opportunity to observe the director manage the Fire Department and Emergency Services for Trenton. I spent time conducting research for policies needed for the department and assisted with writing reports and completing projects. I was able to attend meetings and take notes, and enjoyed being able to participate in the meetings as part of the administrative team. I participated in career development events and fire safety seminars for the public during Fire Prevention Month. I was able to communicate with staff members to learn about the fire department's values and fire response operations. I had the opportunity to learn key administrative skills for managing a fire department, such as budgeting, community relations, fire operations, and the procurement of fire department vehicles and fire trucks.

How Did the Service-learning Internship course help you navigate your internship?
The Service-learning Internship course helped me navigate my internship because the course allowed me to connect with other interns that shared some of the same challenges as me and the steps they took to overcome them. There was valuable information and videos related to career readiness that is greatly needed in pursuing a career.

Has your mentoring part of the internship been helpful navigating your career goals?
During my time at my internship location, I was able to ask questions and receive advice on how to be successful at performing the job of a director. It was a great experience to engage in conversation with someone who is already in their career of choice, sharing ideas and learning how to make the best decisions to achieve my career goals.

Career Goals:
I want to continue to work in the field of emergency services serving as a director or a chief of a fire department. My interests are to work as a director in another field of interest with the objective of serving the community.