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Tammi L. Pitt (MPA'06): "Public Administration is..."

"Public Administration is...

providing human resources, procurement, budget management, business relations, and office management support across departments."

Tammi L. Pitt (MPA'06)

Name: Tammi L. Pitt
SPAA Degree and Graduation Year: MPA 2006
Current Position: Department Administrator, New Jersey Scholarship and Transformative Education in Prisons (NJ-STEP), Chancellor’s Office, Rutgers University–Newark
Position Responsibilities: Handling all aspects of human resources, procurement, budget management, business relations across departments, and office management

Why are you excited about your work?
Working with students that are incarcerated and formerly incarcerated has opened my mind to understand the importance of public administrators being involved in the push for social justice for this population. The stereotypes and fear of this population can only be changed if policies are established and enforced by elected municipal, state, and federal officials. Every morning when I go into the office, I look forward to engaging with the STEP students. They're intelligent, innovative, resilient, and very inspiring. I have countless stories in my memory, and I can go on for hours. More importantly, my experience while working within this department has been life changing.