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SPAA Students

Rutgers SPAA: Where Service Meets Leadership

SPAA students exemplify the school's values of competence, diversity, knowledge, ethics, and service throughout their academic and professional pursuits. Learn more about their accomplishments and their experiences at SPAA, and their reasons for coming here.

Student Voices

Everyone's SPAA experience is unique. Hear students tell their own stories.
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Mauricio Astudillo-Rodas

SPAA Student Highlights

SPAA students win national awards and participate in prestigious opportunities while serving their communities.
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Abie Murray Bangura NJASPA Award 2022

SPAA Student News & Features

The newsroom highlights the achievements, accomplishments, and activities of SPAA’s students.
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Andrew Moreira 2023

SPAA Graduate Profiles

As part of our celebration of graduating students, we are pleased to share some of their personal stories.
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SPAA Ambassadors 2020-2021

SPAA Student Ambassadors

SPAA Student Ambassadors represent the school in a variety of academic, professional, and administration activities.
Meet the SPAA Student Ambassadors


Johan Mora Valverde

SPAA Internship Spotlights

Internships through SPAA provide students with real-world experiences at public and nonprofit organizations, linking academic work with meaningful community service.
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Paris Hall Portfolio

MPA Capstone Portfolios

Students in the capstone course integrate knowledge and skills from across the MPA curriculum to develop a professional portfolio.
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Apoorva Gupta PhD Student

PhD Accomplishments

Doctoral students and alumni publish award-winning research, are selected for competitive fellowships and programs, and go on to work at universities around the world.
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