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100% Online Master of Public Administration (MPA)

In the 100% Online Master of Public Administration (MPA) at Rutgers SPAA, students participate in classes on their own schedule (asynchronously), choose a foundation in either public or nonprofit management, and enjoy the flexibility to shape the degree to their specialized interests and career goals.

The 100% Online Master of Public Administration (MPA) program at Rutgers SPAA provides the cutting-edge knowledge and professional skills needed for successful careers in government, the nonprofit sector, international organizations, and even the corporate world. Students become competent in leadership and management, the policy process, evidence-based decision-making, public service values, and interacting productively with a diverse workforce and society.

Online MPA Quick Facts

  • Location: 100% Online
  • Program: full-time or part-time
  • Courses: 14 (7 core courses / 6 elective courses / 1 capstone)
  • Credits: 42 (21 core credits / 18 elective credits / 3 capstone credits)
  • Options: public management track or nonprofit management track, plus specializations
  • Priority Application Deadlines: Fall: July 1 / Spring: Dec. 1
  • MPA Program Director: Suzanne Piotrowski, PhD

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MPA Curriculum

The MPA curriculum at Rutgers SPAA provides a solid foundation in the field’s core knowledge and skills while allowing students a wide range of flexibility to shape the degree to their interests and career goals.

For course descriptions and prerequisites see Courses.

(For 100% Online MPA curriculum requirements prior to Fall 2023, see 100% Online Master of Public Administration (MPA) [Prior to Fall 2023].)

> Required Core Courses (7 courses / 21 credits)

MPA students complete seven (7) required core courses (21 credits), with the option to follow either a public management track or a nonprofit management track.

> Electives (6 courses / 18 credits)

The MPA allows for six (6) elective courses (18 credits) that students can use to pursue their individual interests and career goals. A variety of elective courses, including special topics courses, are available each semester from SPAA.

Elective courses can be applied toward one or more Graduate Certificates offered in Budgeting and Financial Management, Healthcare Administration, Leadership of Public Organizations, Nonprofit Management, and other areas of professional specialization. 

Students can also fashion their own specialization by choosing from elective courses on topics such as labor relations, leadership and diversity, government technology, administrative law, performance measurement and evaluation, the policy process, and more. In addition, students can choose to take specialized courses from other units across Rutgers.

> Capstone (1 course / 3 credits)

The capstone provides students with an opportunity to integrate their learning from coursework with application to real-world issues and career ambitions. It serves as a culminating experience in the MPA program.


To Apply / Admission Requirements

For admission requirements and application information and deadlines see Apply Now(Applications received after the semester deadline will be considered on a rolling basis.)

Program Costs

For information on tuition rates and program fees see Tuition & Fees.

Academic Policies, Procedures & Forms

For MPA program information such as the student handbook, mission statement, and advisement forms, see Academic Policies, Procedures & Forms.

Degree Completion / Individualized Dual-Degree Option for the MPA

Apply your graduate credits from another program toward earning your Rutgers MPA, either on campus or 100% online. Learn more about our Degree Completion / Individualized Dual-Degree Option for the MPA.

For More Information

To learn more, Request Information or Join a SPAA Info SessionIf you have questions about a program or the application process, contact Aaron Gibbs, associate dean of student and academic services, at