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NASPAA Reaccreditation and Self-Study Report (2024-2025)

Once every seven years, Rutgers SPAA is required to reaffirm its NASPAA accreditation. The accreditation process formally begins with the submission of a Self-Study Report, and moves through a series of steps, including a site visit, until a final accreditation decision is delivered.

SPAA Reaccreditation Schedule

  • Self-Study Preparation: February 2023–July 2024
  • Submit Self-Study Report: By August 15, 2024
  • Receive Interim Report: November 2024
  • Plan Site Visits: January–March 2025
  • Site Visit Report and Response: February–March 2025
  • Final Report: May 2025
  • NASPAA Reaccreditation Decision: By July 2025