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PSRPanel – About

PSRPanel is a university-based, nonprofit project that supports  research on public service professionals—the work they do, the organizations they help lead, and the approaches they use to better serve the public.  PSRPanel is an opt-in, email panel (or email list) of volunteers who agree to receive occasional emailed invitations to participate in web-based surveys and studies, which they can complete online at their own convenience.The project conducts surveys and studies that cover the U.S. and the world as well as a range of topics related to public service.  If you are working with a government agency or nonprofit organization, or if you are studying to become a public service professional, you are welcome to sign up to become a panelist.

PSRPanel was created in 2010 by Dr. Gregg Van Ryzin of the School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ (USA).   

The PSRPanel Project 
Center for Experimental and Behavioral Public Administration (CEBPA)
School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA)
Rutgers University–Newark
111 Washington Street 
Newark, NJ 07102