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Service to the NJ Nonprofit Sector

Rutgers SPAA is committed to serving the New Jersey nonprofit sector by educating leaders, sharing research, engaging philanthropy, and encouraging voluntarism to strengthen the ability of nonprofit practitioners to meet the needs of the community.

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  • SPAA is proud to be consistently recognized as a leader in nonprofit management by U.S. News & World Report.
  • SPAA faculty are recognized as leaders in nonprofit management, winning prestigious awards and serving on boards of nonprofit professional organizations and academic journals.

Degrees & Certificates for Nonprofit Professionals

Rutgers SPAA offers degree and certificate programs that provide current and future nonprofit professionals with competencies in important elements of nonprofit organization management and performance, such as leadership, budgeting, grants, resource development, and more.


Professional certificates for non-degree seeking students:

(3 courses, 9 graduate credits)

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Faculty Expertise

SPAA faculty provide expertise in the field of Nonprofit Management, Nonprofit-Government Relations, and other issues of importance to the nonprofit sector through research and service to the field.

Rutgers SPAA Nonprofit Management Faculty:
    Cleopatra Charles
    Cleopatra Charles, PhD
    • Associate Professor Cleopatra Charles studies financial management and fiscal policy issues that affect public organizations and her recent research has focused on nonprofit organizations and the relationship between governance decisions and financial preparedness in dealing with adverse circumstances.
    Jiahuan Lu
    Jiahuan Lu, PhD
    Lindsey McDougle
    Lindsey McDougle, PhD

    Initiatives & Activities

    Recent Nonprofit Research & Scholarship

    Faculty Professional Engagement

    SPAA faculty serve in leadership roles in various nonprofit professional and academic associations, regularly presenting research at their annual meetings, and serve on the editorial boards of several academic journals dedicated to nonprofit studies.